Mohammad Wahidur Rahman

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Elevated As concentrations in shallow groundwater pose a major health threat in Bangladesh and similarly affected countries, yet there is little consensus on the mechanism of As release to groundwater or how it might be influenced by human activities. In this study, the rate of As release was measured directly with incubations lasting 11 months, using(More)
RAFI is a self-driven mapping robot with 16 Degrees-of-Freedom (DOF). Its software development, structural and electrical design and mechanical construction are presented in this paper. RAFI moves with wheels having differential type motion with 2DOF. The head has 3 DOF sufficient for volumetric mapping by rotating the head in different directions and both(More)
This paper presents computationally efficient object detection, matching and categorization via Agglomerative Correspondence Clustering (ACC). We implement ACC for feature correspondence and object-based image matching exploiting both photometric similarity and geometric consistency from local invariant features. Object-based image matching is formulated(More)
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