Mohammad Towhidul Islam

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Light plays a vital role in our daily lives. It is used in compact disc (CD) players, in which a laser reflecting off a CD transforms the returning signal into music. It is used in grocery store checkout lines, where laser beams read bar codes for prices. It is used by laser printers to record images on paper. It is used in digital cameras that capture our(More)
In this paper, we introduce Systematic P2P Aided Cache Enhancement or SPACE, a new collaboration scheme among clients in a computer cluster of a high performance computing facility to share their caches with each other. The collaboration is achieved in a distributed manner, and is designed based on peer-to-peer computing model. The objective is to provide(More)
Data/content dissemination among the mobile devices is the fundamental building block for all the applications in wireless mobile collaborative computing, known as mobile peer-to-peer. Different parameters such as node density, scheduling among neighboring nodes, mobility pattern, and node speed have a tremendous impact on data diffusion in a mobile(More)
Keywords: Wireless data access Cache Replacement policy Access scheme Data update Proactive and reactive data access a b s t r a c t In this paper, we propose an optimal cache replacement policy for data access applications in wireless networks where data updates are injected from all the clients. The goal of the policy is to increase effective hits in the(More)
In mobile wireless data access networks, remote data access is expensive in terms of bandwidth consumption. An efficient caching scheme can reduce the amount of data transmission, hence, bandwidth consumption. However, an update event makes the associated cached data objects obsolete and useless for many applications. Data access frequency and update play a(More)