Mohammad Towfik Alam

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Tumour blood vessels are gateways for distant metastasis. Recent studies have revealed that tumour endothelial cells (TECs) demonstrate distinct phenotypes from their normal counterparts. We have demonstrated that features of TECs are different depending on tumour malignancy, suggesting that TECs communicate with surrounding tumour cells. However, the(More)
Tumor angiogenesis plays an important role in tumor progression and metastasis. Tumor endothelial cells (TECs) are a therapeutic target of antiangiogenic chemotherapy that was recently developed and is currently being investigated in the clinic with promising results. Low-dose chemotherapy, which is the long-term administration of relatively low doses of(More)
Recent studies have reported that stromal cells contribute to tumor progression. We previously demonstrated that tumor endothelial cells (TEC) characteristics were different from those of normal endothelial cells (NEC). Furthermore, we performed gene profile analysis in TEC and NEC, revealing that suprabasin (SBSN) was upregulated in TEC compared with NEC.(More)
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