Mohammad Teshnelab

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wireless sensor network have many applications such as monitoring hazardous areas. Deployment of sensor nodes in harsh and unreachable areas is done via random deployment. An alternative approach is using a swarm of robots to fulfill this task. In this paper we propose a new approach for deployment and search in a field of interest. Simulations shows our(More)
Past work on face detection has emphasized the issues of feature extraction and classification, however, less attention has been given on the critical issue of feature selection. We consider the problem of face and non-face classification from frontal facial images using feature selection and neural networks. We argue that feature selection is an important(More)
This paper presents a new data oriented model of image. Then a representation of it, ADBT, is introduced. The ability of ADBT is clustering, segmentation, measuring similarity of images etc, with desired precision and corresponding speed. Keywords—Data oriented modeling, Image, Clustering, Segmentation, Classification, ADBT and Image Processing.
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