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Offline arabic handwritten text recognition: A Survey
Research in offline Arabic handwriting recognition has increased considerably in the past few years. This is evident from the numerous research results published recently in major journals andExpand
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Arabic handwriting recognition using structural and syntactic pattern attributes
In this paper, we present research results on off-line Arabic handwriting recognition using structural techniques. Statistical methods have been more common in the reported research on ArabicExpand
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KHATT: Arabic Offline Handwritten Text Database
In this paper, we report our comprehensive Arabic offline Handwritten Text database (KHATT) after completion of the collection of 1000 handwritten forms written by 1000 writers from differentExpand
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RGB Intensity Based Variable-Bits Image Steganography
In this paper, we present a new algorithm for RGB image based steganography. Our algorithm introduces the concept of storing variable number of bits in each channel (R, G or B) of pixel based on theExpand
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KHATT: An open Arabic offline handwritten text database
Abstract A comprehensive Arabic handwritten text database is an essential resource for Arabic handwritten text recognition research. This is especially true due to the lack of such database forExpand
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Polygonal approximation of digital planar curves through adaptive optimizations
In this paper, we present a novel non-parametric polygonal approximation algorithm for digital planar curves. The proposed algorithm first selects a set of points (called cut-points) on the contourExpand
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Vibrant Color Image Steganography using Channel Differences and Secret Data Distribution
This paper presents a new algorithm for color image based steganography. Our algorithm adaptively determines the number of secre t m ssage bits that each pixel of cover image can store based on aExpand
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Handwriting synthesis: classifications and techniques
Handwriting synthesis is the automatic generation of data that resemble natural handwriting. Although handwriting synthesis has recently gained increasing interest, the area still lacks a stand-aloneExpand
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Arabic Handwritten Alphanumeric Character Recognition using Fuzzy Attributed Turning Functions
In this paper, we present a novel method for recognition of unconstrained handwritten Arabic alphanumeric characters. The algorithm binarizes the character image, smoothes it and extracts itsExpand
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A Comparative Study of Recent Steganography Techniques for Multiple Image Formats
Steganography is the technique for exchanging concealed secret information in a way to avoid suspicion. The aim of Steganography is to transfer secrete message to another party by hiding the data inExpand
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