Mohammad T. Khasawneh

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This paper develops a logistic approximation to the cumulative normal distribution. Although the literature contains a vast collection of approximate functions for the normal distribution, they are very complicated, not very accurate, or valid for only a limited range. This paper proposes an enhanced approximate function. When comparing the proposed(More)
Quality is a key factor in business success, growth, and competitive position. One of the essential factors in quality control is the inspection task, particularly the search portion. Eye-tracking technology is a very useful tool in capturing information about the eye movements in relation to visual inspection parameters. To investigate the effect of eye(More)
Consider a production system where products are produced continuously and screened for conformance with their specification limits. When product performance falls below a lower specification limit or above an upper limit, a decision is made to rework or scrap the product. The majority of the process target models in the literature deal with a single-stage(More)
As a result of recent advancements in computer technology, hybrid inspection systems, those in which humans and computers work cooperatively, have found increasing application in quality control processes. These systems are preferable because they take advantage of the superiority of humans in rational decision-making and adaptability to new circumstances.(More)
The emphasis of this research was on the effect of human trust in a hybrid inspection system with varying error patterns. Experiments were conducted using a hybrid inspection task involving four common types of error patterns, and subjects were requested to rate their trust in the system at different stages. Results showed that subjects’ ratings of trust(More)
This research studies the risk prediction of hospital readmissions using metaheuristic and data mining approaches. This is a critical issue in the U.S. healthcare system because a large percentage of preventable hospital readmissions derive from a low quality of care during patients’ stays in the hospital as well as poor arrangement of the discharge(More)
Recent advances in computer technology have motivated the automation of various functions of the inspection task, an important process in quality control. However, since purely automated inspection has limitations, hybrid systems, ones taking advantage of the superiority of humans in pattern recognition, rational decision-making, and adaptability to new(More)
This study is focused on the entropy production due to laminar forced convection in the entrance region of a concentric cylindrical annulus. The present hydrodynamic and temperature fields are obtained numerically. Local entropy generation distributions are obtained based on the resulting velocity and temperature fields by solving the entropy generation(More)
Inspection quality is dependent on the ability of inspectors to weed out nonconforming items. When inspection is visual in nature, humans play a critical role in ensuring inspection quality. Literature has shown training to improve inspection performance. Initially, the paper outlines the basic principles and methodology for inspection training. Following(More)