Mohammad T. Islam

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The expected appearance of a human face depends strongly on age, ethnicity and gender. While these relationships are well-studied, our work explores the little-studied dependence of facial appearance on geographic location. To support this effort, we constructed GeoFaces, a large dataset of geotagged face images. We examine the geo-dependence of Eigenfaces(More)
The facial appearance of a person is a product of many factors, including their gender, age, and ethnicity. Methods for estimating these latent factors directly from an image of a face have been extensively studied for decades. We extend this line of work to include estimating the location where the image was taken. We propose a deep network architecture(More)
INTRODUCTION Utilization of Skilled Birth Attendants (SBAs) at birth is low (20%) in Bangladesh. Birth attendance by SBAs is considered as the "single most important factor in preventing maternal deaths". This paper examined the practices and determinants of delivery by SBAs in rural Bangladesh. METHODS The data come from the post-intervention survey of a(More)
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