Mohammad Subhi Al-Batah

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This paper proposes a decision treemodel for specifying the importance of 21 factors causing the landslides in a wide area of Penang Island, Malaysia. These factors are vegetation cover, distance from the fault line, slope angle, cross curvature, slope aspect, distance from road, geology, diagonal length, longitude curvature, rugosity, plan curvature,(More)
Occupying more than 70% of the concrete’s volume, aggregates play a vital role as the raw feed for construction materials; particularly in the production of concrete and concrete products. Often, the characteristics such as shape, size and surface texture of aggregates significantly affect the quality of the construction materials produced. This article(More)
The recognition of objects is one of the main goals for computer vision research. This paper formulates and solves the problem of three-dimensional (3D) object recognition for Polyhedral objects. A multiple view of 2D intensity images are taken from multiple cameras and used to model the 3D objects. The proposed methodology is based on extracting set of(More)
There are many systems that give the ability to submit an assignment online, in an easy method for the student and the lecturer who will receive and evaluate the student work; also it gives the ability for the student to submit the assignment from different locations served by internet. The proposed model is based on identifying the user functionality that(More)
Recent research in the area of 3D object recognition claim that it is possible to recognize the objects based on 2D images. The recognition process depends on using set of features extracted from the collected images. In this paper, we captured 792 images for eleven 3D Polyhedral objects. A complete image processing stages were implemented. They include(More)
To date, cancer of uterine cervix is still a leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women worldwide. The current methods (i.e., Pap smear and liquid-based cytology (LBC)) to screen for cervical cancer are time-consuming and dependent on the skill of the cytopathologist and thus are rather subjective. Therefore, this paper presents an intelligent computer(More)
Software complexity can be defined as the degree of difficulty in analysis, testing, design and implementation of software. Typically, reducing model complexity has a significant impact on maintenance activities. A lot of metrics have been used to measure the complexity of source code such as Halstead, McCabe Cyclomatic, Lines of Code, and Maintainability(More)
Landslide is one of the natural disasters that occur in Malaysia. Topographic factors such as elevation, slope angle, slope aspect, general curvature, plan curvature, and profile curvature are considered as the main causes of landslides. In order to determine the dominant topographic factors in landslide mapping analysis, a study was conducted and presented(More)
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