Mohammad Suaib

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In current scenario web is huge, highly distributive, open in nature and changing rapidly. The open nature of web is the main reason for rapid growth but it has imposed a challenge to Information Retrieval. The one of the biggest challenge is spam. We focus here to have a study on different forms of the web spam and its new variant called spam 2.0, existing(More)
Due to the rapid growth in technology employed by the spammers, there is a need of classifiers that are more efficient, generic and highly adaptive. Neural Network based technologies have high ability of adaption as well as generalization. As per our knowledge, very little work has been done in this field using neural network. We present this paper to fill(More)
With the rapid growth of data amount, it is very crucial to reduce the storage space that data occupies and the bandwidth consumption during network transmission. As an important means of information security, data backup technology has attained increasing attention. This paper proposes the types of data backup and a comparative study of the techniques(More)
Search Engine spam is a poison for the search engine. It is created by the search engine spammers for commercial benefits. It affects quality of search engine. Already there are many algorithms available for filtering the search engine spam. But the spammers are often changing the strategy for creating the search engine spam. So there is a need to detect it(More)
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