Mohammad Sohail Awan

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OBJECTIVE To assess the success rate of tracheoesophageal voice prosthesis as the primary mode of voice rehabilitation in patients after total laryngectomy. METHODS Medical record files of 35 patients subjected to total laryngectomy were reviewed for determining success or failure of the voice prosthesis. The indicators used were quality of speech and(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the demographic trends clinical spectrum, diagnosis, management and out come of patients with vestibular Schwannoma and to identify areas where improvements are needed. METHODS All patients with vestibular schwannoma admitted to the Aga Khan University Hospital over the past 11 years were reviewed retrospectively. RESULTS The age(More)
The magnitude of hearing loss in Pakistan is enormous. One in twelve children of Pakistan suffers from some form of hearing impairment. Many of them are unable to afford surgical procedures and resort to the use of cheap hearing aids fitted by untrained individuals or people lacking the required expertise. This predisposes the patients to significant(More)
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