Mohammad Sigit Arifianto

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Adaptive modulation techniques in wireless communications are paramount technologies designed to thrive in fading and noisy environments. Methods as such require an accurate estimate of the channel condition at the receivers’ end in order for the transmitter to adapt appropriately. With that in mind, a communication link which changes the degree of(More)
A new technique to obtain dual-band response of a single-band conventional circular patch antenna is proposed by incorporating split ring resonators (SRR) metamaterials structure. The proposed antenna is intended to be used for 2.4GHz WLAN and 3.3GHz WiMAX applications. The antenna is fed by use of microstrip line feeding technique and deployed on FR4 Epoxy(More)
One of the disadvantages of the application of watermarking is it causes permanent distortion to the original image after watermark is removed, especially, if the watermark is embedded in large quantities. On the sensitive application such as medical or military imaging, distortion in the image may cause misunderstandings in interpreting the information,(More)
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