Mohammad Shums Qureshi

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To determine the prevalence of antibodies to viral diseases known or suspected to be present in Pakistan, we studied 570 sera from three groups of adults; two of the groups were involved in outbreaks of hepatitis, and the third included men admitted to a hospital for evaluation of febrile illnesses. Immunoglobulin G antileptospiral antibody was found in 1(More)
Columns and papers of titanium arsenate have been utilized for chromatographic studies of several alkaloids in aqueous and mixed solvent systems. The results have been compared with those obtained with plain papers. A number of separations have been achieved on papers impregnated with titanium arsenate. Distribution coefficients of these alkaloids have been(More)
Fifty cases of sporadic acute viral hepatitis were studied for various hepatitis markers. There was only one case of hepatitis A. Eight percent of the acute cases were due to hepatitis B but 48% of the patients showed evidence of exposure to B virus. Seventy Six percent of the cases were due to hepatitis non-A, non B. This is the commonest type in our(More)
In this work bactericidal study of silver nanoparticles was taken up in combination with two standard antibiotics, ampicillin and gentamycin, for Salmonella typhi. The antibacterial activities of antibiotics were increased in the presence of AgNPs against test strains. The higher enhancing effect was observed for ampicillin in comparison to gentamicin(More)
The French-American and British (FAB) classification of 62 consecutive cases of acute myeloid leukemia was undertaken. AML-M2 was the commonest FAB type (32.26%), followed by M1 and M4 (22.58% each), M5 (8.6%) and M6 and M7 (1.61% each), respectively. One of the patients was diagnosed as AML-MO (not a FAB type). The mean age of M1, M2, M3 and M5 cases was(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the clinicopathological features in c-ANCA positive patients suffering from vasculitis with a view to find out the most common mode of presentation. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective. SETTINGS Department of Immunology, AFIP, Rawalpindi, MH Rawalpindi, CMH Rawalpindi, Department of Rheumatology, PIMS, Islamabad, RGH Rawalpindi, FFH,(More)
The antimonate, arsenate, tungstate, molybdate and selenite of titanium have been synthesized. Their composition and chemical and thermal stability have been determined. Effects of pH and temperature on ion-exchange capacity have been studied. Titanium antimonate was found to be the most stable. The utility of these ion-exchangers for analytical separations(More)
The adsorption of Pb(II), Cu(II), Bi(III), Cd(II), Mn(II), Co(II), Ga(III), Y(III), Zr(IV) and Th(IV) from aqueous solutions of formic acid on cation-exchanger Dowex 50W-X8 has been studied. Electrophoretic measurements have also been made. Possible separations are suggested and discussed. Zirconium may be quantitatively separated from thorium and from(More)