Mohammad Shkoukani

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Multimodal interaction metaphors have become a way to improve the usability of interactive systems, including e-government platform. This paper presents the experimental results of the inclusion of multimodal metaphors in e-government interfaces in order to enhance usability on the one hand, and trust between users on the other hand to eventually lead to(More)
—The traffic volume becomes one of the top problems in the world, the volume of traffic spends many time and much money, the traffic volume grows daily, and there is not effective and suitable solutions for grows problem. This paper will present and describe an effective approach to integrate the I. INTRODUCTION The development of Intelligent Transportation(More)
—In order to apply reverse engineering in software industry in an efficient and effective way there should be a high awareness in software reverse engineering concepts, approaches, and tools for employees in the software industry. University is considered as the main resource for supplying employees with awareness and knowledge in any field. Despite of(More)
This paper provides a summary of software engineering process and its importance in open system industry. It describes the agent oriented software engineering development lifecycle. It also focuses on orientation of multi agent systems and on some representative agent oriented software engineering methodologies such as Gaia, ROADMAP, Tropos, and MaSE which(More)
The new trend in software engineering research is how to provide software engineering industry with well qualified software engineering graduates; this trend has been appeared because there is an obvious difference between the industry needs and the actual supply from software engineering departments. This paper will introduce briefly software engineering(More)
AI has played a huge role in image formation and recognition, but all built on the supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms the learning agents follow. Neural networks have also a role in bionic eyes integration but it is not discussed thoroughly in this paper. The chip to be implanted, which is a robotic device that applies methods developed in(More)
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