Mohammad Shakourifar

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The dose-volume histogram (DVH) is a clinically relevant criterion to evaluate the quality of a treatment plan. It is hence desirable to incorporate DVH constraints into treatment plan optimization for intensity modulated radiation therapy. Yet, the direct inclusion of the DVH constraints into a treatment plan optimization model typically leads to great(More)
Volterra integro-differential equations with time-dependent delay arguments (DVIDEs) can provide us with realistic models of many real-world phenomena. Delayed Lokta-Volterra predator-prey systems arise in Ecology and are well-known examples of DVIDEs first introduced by Volterra in 1928. We investigate the numerical solution of systems of DVIDEs using an(More)
Standard software based on the collocation method for differential equations , delivers a continuous approximation (called the collocation solution) which augments the high order discrete approximate solution that is provided at mesh points. This continuous approximation is less accurate than the discrete approximation. For 'non-standard' Volterra(More)
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