Mohammad Shakhatreh

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To test the efficacy of ibuprofen in reducing needle electromyography (EMG) pain we studied 30 healthy volunteers randomized to receive placebo or ibuprofen (400 mg) 2 h before EMG using concentric needle electrodes in four muscles. The electromyographer and volunteer were both blinded. Immediately after EMG, subjects reported their experience of pain on a(More)
The basis number b(G) of a graph G is defined to be the least integer k such that G has a k-fold basis for its cycle space. In this note, we determine the basis number of the corona of graphs, in fact we prove that b(v • T) = 2 for any tree and any vertex v not in T, b(v • H) ≤ b(H) + 2, where H is any graph and v is not a vertex of H, also we prove that if(More)
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