Mohammad Shaifur Rahman

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High power white LEDs are expected to replace the existing lighting technologies in near future which are also suggested for visible light communication (VLC). We propose an algorithm for high precision indoor positioning using lighting LEDs, VLC and image sensors. In the proposed algorithm, at least three LEDs transmit their three dimensional coordinate(More)
In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), location estimation is important for routing efficiency and location-aware services. Traditional received signal strength based localizations using propagation-loss model are often erroneous for the low-cost WSN devices. The reason is that the wireless channel is vulnerable to so many factors that deriving the appropriate(More)
We propose a highly birefringent dispersion compensating photonic crystal fiber (PCF) based on a defected elliptical core that successfully compensates the chromatic dispersion in operating wavelengths of 1450 to 1700 nm in communication band. The finite element method (FEM) with perfectly matched boundary layer (PML) is used as the simulation methodology.(More)
Wireless Sensor Devices are becoming more attractive as a sensor platform compared to wired sensor device because of the ease of installation and freedom in sensor placement. The field of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has been increasing with the advancement of modern science and technology. In order to determine the location of sensor nodes, lots of(More)
The symbol error performance of a wireless communication system is analyzed using diversity combining scheme in Rayleigh fading channels. The performance of the system is compared using Alamouti scheme and maximal-ratio receiver combining (MRRC) scheme. The performance results of the system are evaluated by numerical computation and by simulation using(More)
This paper proposes an exclusive equalizer alternative to existing optimum maximum likelihood (ML) equalizer that reduces bit error rate (BER) via spatial multiplexing, diversity combining and splits up each user's multiple input multiple output (MIMO) channel into parallel subchannels. Quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK) modulation is treated here for the(More)
Remote monitoring of cardiopulmonary activities using quadrature direct conversion Doppler radar shows promise in medical and security applications. One major challenge for such monitoring is demodulation of the IQ signals and heart and respiration rate determination. This paper presents a rate finding algorithm based on extended Kalman filter (EKF) and(More)
In this paper, we designed embedded-type noncontact bio-radar heart and respiration rate monitoring system. We implemented the hardware for arctangent combining, filtering and rate finding algorithm into the embedded system. We tested the hardware and compared it with the reference ECG measurements. Obtained results agree well with the ECG measurements. We(More)
Plastics are not easily biodegradable; and because of these characteristics they can remain under landfill and water for a very long period of time. All over the world only 6% of waste plastics are recycled and the rest of all waste plastics are dumped into landfills. An experiment was conducted in a laboratory scale batch process under Labconco’s fume hood(More)