Mohammad Shahraeini

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—Restructuring in power systems has introduced new complexities and difficulties in controlling of these systems. Therefore , new control strategies should be investigated in operation of power systems. On the other hand, communication infrastructure (CI) is responsible for establishing any control strategy. The purposes of this study are twofold: firstly,(More)
Monitoring of system operation conditions is essential for secure operation of power systems. This is traditionally accomplished by state estimators which provide creditable data from raw data acquired from measurement devices. Measurement devices of state estimators may vary from power flow/injection and voltage/current magnitude to phasor measurement unit(More)
—A Control network denotes a group of devices to monitor, control, communicate and manage system operation. In a wide area control network, decision making location is known as control center. The communication delay (latency) between a node and a control center in a control network has been characterized by network topology, transmission media(More)
Power system communication infrastructures are responsible for data transmitting among different entities in power systems. System data and information (provided by sensors) are crucial for monitoring, operating and controlling reasons. On the one hand, real-time and near real-time processes of power systems utilize communication infrastructure for sharing(More)
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