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With the rapid growth of user-generated content on the internet, sentiment analysis of online reviews has become a hot research topic recently, but due to variety and wide range of products and services, the supervised and domain-specific models are often not practical. As the number of reviews expands, it is essential to develop an efficient sentiment(More)
Protein contact map is a simplified representation of a protein's spatial structure. The Committee Machine is a machine learning method that allots the learning task to a number of learners and divides the input space into subspaces. Learners' responses to an input are combined to produce the system's final response, which is more accurate than any single(More)
Nowadays, providing tools that eases the interaction of users with websites is a big challenge in e-commerce. Recommender systems are useful tools which adapts the environment of websites compatible with users needs. In this paper, applying a hybrid collaboration and content based technique a model for recommendation system is proposed. Presented model(More)
Nowadays a vast amount of textual information is collected and stored in various databases around the world, including the Internet as the largest database of all. This rapidly increasing growth of published text means that even the most avid reader cannot hope to keep up with all the reading in a field and consequently the nuggets of insight or new(More)
AbstrAct Sequences constitute a large portion of data stored in databases. Data mining applications require the ability to process similarity queries over a large amount of time series data. The query processing performance is an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration. This article proposes a similarity retrieval algorithm for time(More)
following telecommunication services becoming competitive, client contract management in this sector has again much importance. Regarding the fact that a huge volume of telecommunication data especially details of the cell phone conversations exist, and they are practically not used, employment of data mining techniques on such data lead to exploring the(More)