Mohammad Salamah

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This paper focuses on how to allocate bandwidth for new and handoff data calls in cellular networks. Many schemes proposed in the literature give priority to handoff calls at the expense of blocking newly originating calls and degrading channel utilization. We introduce a novel bandwidth allocation scheme based on guard policy for data handoff calls.(More)
There is an increasing demand for finding a mobile location in areas such as robotics applications, electronic warfare positioning, wireless communication systems and vehicle security. Angle of arrival (AOA) is one of the key techniques in wireless location estimation. Location estimation is done by using standard triangulation operations that are usually(More)
—This paper introduces the idea of using Genetic Algorithms as an optimization technique to select the appropriate traffic of a computer network with fixed topology. The ultimate goal in computer network design is to have a high utilization of the network resources such that low level of congestion, high throughput and minimum delay over the channels are(More)
Position estimation from time of arrival, time difference of arrival, and angle of arrival measurements are the commonly used techniques. These approaches use the location parameters received from different sources, and they are based on intersections of circles, hyperbolas, and lines respectively. The location is determined using geometric complex(More)
In this paper, new parallel algorithm, based on the conventional FDTD algorithm, is presented for solving the Maxwell's curl equations on a local area network using the MPI system. The performance of the proposed parallel algorithm is studied by using a line current source radiating in a two-dimensional domain. It is observed that, for large computational(More)
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