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A mild, efficient and versatile method has been developed for the construction of a functionalized natural product, meridianin, and its post conversion to pyrimido-β-carboline by cationic π- cyclization. The strategy involves the introduction of an amino group at the C-5 of the pyrimidine ring and utilizing the nucleophilictiy of the C-2 in the indole ring(More)
Background. Stroke is an important morbidity for low and middle income countries like Bangladesh. We established the first stroke registry in Bangladesh. Methods. Data was collected from stroke patients who were admitted in Department of Neurology of BIRDEM with first ever stroke, aged between 30 and 90 years. Patients with intracerebral hemorrhage,(More)
New synthetic strategies to indolocarbazoles have been reported via two-fold Fischer indolization under green conditions using l-(+)-tartaric acid and N,N-dimethyl urea. Starting with cyclohexanone, a bench-top starting material, this methodology has been extended to the total synthesis of natural products such as tjipanazoles D and I as well as the core(More)
A simple and efficient one-pot protocol for the synthesis of NH-carbazoles has been described. The strategy comprises a one-pot reaction involving the treatment of 2-alkynyl indoles with arylacetylenes in the presence of an Au-Ag combination catalyst. The salient feature of the strategy involves sequential activation of terminal and internal alkynes leading(More)
A simple synthetic strategy to C 2-symmetric bis-spiro-pyrano cage compound 7 involving ring-closing metathesis is reported. The hexacyclic dione 10 was prepared from simple and readily available starting materials such as 1,4-naphthoquinone and cyclopentadiene. The synthesis of an unprecedented octacyclic cage compound through intramolecular Diels-Alder(More)
The complex amino acid (l-threo)-3-[3-[4-(trifluoromethyl)benzoylamino]benzyloxy]aspartate (l-TFB-TBOA) and its derivatives are privileged compounds for studying the roles of excitatory amino acid transporters (EAATs) in regulation of glutamatergic neurotransmission, animal behavior, and in the pathogenesis of neurological diseases. The wide-spread use of(More)
A one-pot protocol involving Zn/CuI/TFA-catalyzed domino three-component and subsequent carbocyclization reactions is described. The reaction proceeds via formation of propargyl amines from biphenyl-2-carbaldehydes/terminal alkynes/piperidine followed by the elimination of piperidine and ring closure to furnish phenanthrene derivatives in good yields. The(More)
A mild, efficient and versatile method has been developed for the two step synthesis of phenanthridine ring systems using the Suzuki and the modified Pictet-Spengler strategy. The strategy involves synthesis of a substrate in which an aryl amine is tethered to an activated arene ring at the carbon ortho to the activated carbon nucleophile so as to(More)
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