Mohammad Saidur Rahman

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Generally a sequence of image is taken by a camera which is attached with the robot. The camera takes the image of the background. When the robot moves the camera moves as well. We can have the motion direction by comparing the image sequences with six parameter model. But If we want to draw the travelling path with the change of motion direction, then to(More)
Grid services are heavily used for handling large distributed computations. They are also very useful to handle heavy data intensive applications where data are distributed in different sites. Most of the data grid services used in such situations are meant for homogeneous data source. In case of Heterogeneous data sources, most of the grid services that(More)
Object tracking is a process that follows a specific object through some consecutive frames of images to determine the movement of that object relative to the other objects of those frames. Simply, tracking is the problem of estimating the trajectory of an object in the image plane as it moves around a scene. Depending on the tracking domain, a tracker can(More)
Student’s satisfaction plays a vital role in success of an educational institute. Hence, many educational institutes continuously improve their service to produce a supportive learning environment to satisfy the student need. For this reason, Educational institutions collect student satisfaction data to make decision about institutional quality, but till(More)
Issues regarding security have become vital in the world of Grid computing. Users deserve a threat free environment where they are not at risk of providing their password to potential hackers when they are using it to access any protected resource. To prevent the grid resources from being illegally visited, a strong password authentication system, that(More)
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