Mohammad Safi Shalamzari

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Stir bar sorptive extraction (SBSE) combined with dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) has been developed as a new approach for the extraction of six triazole pesticides (penconazole, hexaconazole, diniconazole, tebuconazole, triticonazole and difenconazole) in aqueous samples prior to GC-flame ionization detection (GC-FID). A series of(More)
For the first time a dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method on the basis of an extraction solvent lighter than water was presented in this study. Three organophosphorus pesticides (OPPs) were selected as model compounds and the proposed method was carried out for their preconcentration from water samples. In this extraction method, a mixture of(More)
In the title compound, [Ni(C8H14N6S2)], the Ni(II) ion is coordinated by N2S2 donor atoms of the tetradentate thio-semicarbazone ligand, and has a slightly distorted square-planar geometry. In the crystal, inversion-related mol-ecules are linked via pairs of N-H⋯N and N-H⋯S hydrogen bonds, forming R 2 (2)(8) ring motifs. Mol-ecules are further linked by(More)
Evidence is provided that the green leaf volatile 3-Z-hexenal serves as a precursor for biogenic secondary organic aerosol through the formation of polar organosulfates (OSs) with molecular weight (MW) 226. The MW 226 C6-OSs were chemically elucidated, along with structurally similar MW 212 C5-OSs, whose biogenic precursor is likely related to 3-Z-hexenal(More)
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