Mohammad Sadegh Mohammadi

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Perez and Pontius (J Stat Comput Simul 76:755–764, 2006) introduced several bootstrap methods under adaptive cluster sampling using a Horvitz–Thompson type estimator. Using a simulation study, they showed that their proposed methods provide confidence intervals with highly understated coverage rates. In this article, we first show that their bootstrap(More)
Distributed Generation (DG) is a promising solution to many power system problems such as voltage regulation, power loss, reliability, power quality, etc. This paper presents a new methodology using Particle Swarm Optimization approach (PSO) for the placement of Distributed Generators (DG) in the radial distribution systems to reduce the real power losses(More)
—We present a comparative analysis of the maximum performance achieved by the Linpack benchmark [1] on compute intensive hardware publicly available from multiple cloud providers. We study both performance within a single compute node, and speedup for distributed memory calculations with up to 32 nodes or at least 512 computing cores. We distinguish between(More)
BACKGROUND The use of electronic portal imaging devices (EPIDs) is a method for the dosimetric verification of radiotherapy plans, both pretreatment and in vivo. The aim of this study is to test a 2D EPID-based dosimetry algorithm for dose verification of some plans inside a homogenous and anthropomorphic phantom and in vivo as well. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
—This paper deals with two main issues regarding the short polar codes: the potential of FEC-assisted decoding and optimal code concatenation strategies under various design scenarios. Code concatenation and FEC-assisted decoding are presented systematically, assuming a packetized system. It is shown that FEC-assisted decoding can improve frame error rate(More)
— In this paper the performance of a grid connected synchronous generator is evaluated. This is achieved by monitoring the influence of two parameters of the power system stabilizer on the synchronous machine parameters. A performance index taken into account the automatic monitoring of generator parameters is implemented. The aim is to reach an optimum(More)