Mohammad S. Uddin

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Extraction of Region of Interest (ROI) from geographical map image is an important task of document analysis and recognition. The extracted segments are applied to different machine vision and embedded system. The task is very complex because of having overlapping objects, intersected lines etc in map. Keeping this in mind, the present thesis paper(More)
Prediction in any field is a complicated, challenging and daunting process. Employing traditional methods may not ensure the reliability of the prediction. In this paper, we are reviewing the possibility of applying two well-known techniques neural network and data mining in stock market prediction. As neural network is able to extract useful information(More)
High quality genomic DNA is the first step in the development of DNA-based markers for fingerprinting and genetic diversity of crops, including mango (Mangifera indica L.), a woody perennial. Poor quality genomic DNA hinders the successful application of analytical DNA-based tools. Standard protocols for DNA extraction are not suitable for mango since the(More)
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