Mohammad Reza Skandari

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Information Technology (IT) projects are always accompanied by various risks and because of high rate of failure in such projects, managing risks in order to neutralize or at least decrease their effects on the success of the project is strongly essential. In this paper, fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FAHP) is exploited as a means of risk evaluation(More)
The flowshop sequence dependent group scheduling problem with minimization of makespan as the objective (Fm|fmls, Splk, prmu|Cmax) is considered in this paper. It is assumed that several groups with different number of jobs are assigned to a flow shop cell that has m machines. The goal is to find the best sequence of processing the jobs in each group and(More)
Project managers are the ultimate responsible for the overall characteristics of a project, i.e. they should deliver the project on time with minimum cost and with maximum quality. It is vital for any manager to decide a trade-off between these conflicting objectives and they will be benefited of any scientific decision support tool. Our work will try to(More)
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