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Novel unimolecular micelles from amphiphilic hyperbranched block copolymer H40-poly(ε-caprolactone)-b-poly(acrylic acid)-b'-methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)/poly(ethylene glycol)-folate (i.e.,(More)
Poly 1,8-diaminonaphthalene/multiwalled carbon nanotubes-COOH hybrid material as an effective sorbents in solid phase extraction has been developed for the separation and preconcentration of Cd(II)(More)
Novel dicyano functionalised spiropyrrolidine and spiropyrrolizidine were synthesized from the reaction of various arylidenemalononitrile Knöevenagel adducts with non-stabilized azomethine ylides(More)
In this paper, the focus is on a new kind of biodegradable semi-interpenetrating polymer networks, which is derived from ɛ-caprolactone, lactide, 1,4-butane diisocyanate and ethylenediamine and also(More)
Photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange (MO) as a model of an organic pollution was accomplished with magnetic and porous TiO(2)/ZnO/Fe(3)O(4)/PANI and ZnO/Fe(3)O(4)/PANI nanocomposites under(More)