Mohammad Reza Movahhedy

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Chatter suppression is essential for achieving high precision and surface quality in machining processes. In this paper, a control strategy is presented for chatter suppression in cutting process in the presence of tool wear and parameter uncertainties. A single-degree-of-freedom model of a turning process in the orthogonal cutting configuration is used to(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of implant design on the apex area and on stress and stress patterns within surrounding bone. METHODS Three commercially available implants with the same diameter (3.5 mm), same length (10-11 mm), and same complement abutment were selected for modeling as follows: (1) flat apical design with(More)
A computational framework was developed to simulate the bone remodelling process as a structural topology optimisation problem. The mathematical formulation of the Level Set technique was extended and then implemented into a coronal plane model of the proximal femur to simulate the remodelling of internal structure and external geometry of bone into the(More)
In high speed machining, friction between the moving parts, generates heat. One of the major causes of thermal errors in linear axes is the heat generated in ball screw during operation at high speed. Thermal errors affect the accuracy of the linear axes and can cause a deviation from the nominal machining circular motion. The subject of this paper is to(More)
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