Mohammad Reza Memarian

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This paper introduces for the first time a quad-mode dielectric resonator filter, using a simple cylinder resonator. A four-pole single cavity filter is designed, simulated, and fabricated based on this quadruple mode resonator. Additionally, a new type of dual-mode dielectric resonator filters is introduced, using the same cylindrical resonator cut in half(More)
Leaky-Wave Antennas (LWAs) enable directive and scannable radiation patterns, which are highly desirable attributes at terahertz, infrared and optical frequencies. However, a LWA is generally incapable of continuous beam scanning through broadside, due to an open stopband in its dispersion characteristic. This issue is yet to be addressed at frequencies(More)
Blazed gratings can reflect an oblique incident wave back in the path of incidence, unlike mirrors and metal plates that only reflect specular waves. Perfect blazing (and zero specular scattering) is a type of Wood's anomaly that has been observed when a resonance condition occurs in the unit-cell of the blazed grating. Such elusive anomalies have been(More)
Transmitting sub-wavelength information to the far-zone is of great interest for various electromagnetics and optics applications, e.g., for overcoming the diffraction limit in imaging or enabling multiple-input/multiple-output operation in closely spaced antennas. The common phenomenon in these applications is the conversion of evanescent to propagating(More)
In this Letter, we analyze a recently reported hetero-junction lens of two anisotropic epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) media for its concentration and beam splitting properties. The equivalent lensmakers' equation of the concentrating mechanism is first derived using geometrical optics and dispersion relations; and aberrations are discussed. It is shown that the(More)
A multiharmonic absorption circuit utilizing the quasi-multilayered striplines is presented. The circuit consists of a multiharmonic reflection filter, a broadband bandpass filter, and a termination. The novel quasi-multilayered striplines, which consist of alumina substrates stacked using solder balls, provide flexibility in the filter structure and(More)
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