Mohammad Reza Hooshmandasl

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The operational matrices of fractional-order integration for the Legendre and Chebyshev wavelets are derived. Block pulse functions and collocation method are employed to derive a general procedure for forming these matrices for both the Legendre and the Chebyshev wavelets. Then numerical methods based on wavelet expansion and these operational matrices are(More)
Keywords: Lattice Approximation space Rough set Ideal Filter Lower and upper approximations a b s t r a c t In this paper, we intend to study a connection between rough sets and lattice theory. We introduce the concepts of upper and lower rough ideals (filters) in a lattice. Then, we offer some of their properties with regard to prime ideals (filters), the(More)
A set S ⊆ V of the graph G = (V,E) is called a [1, 2]-set of G if any vertex which is not in S has at least one but no more than two neighbors in S. A set S� ⊆ V is called a [1, 2]-total set of G if any vertex ofG, no matter in S� or not, is adjacent to at least one but not more than two vertices in S�. In this paper we introduce a linear algorithm for(More)
In this paper, we will study neighborhood system S-approximation spaces, i.e., combination of S-approximation spaces with identical elements except that they have different knowledge mappings, e.g., the knowledge mappings differ due to different experimental conditions and/or sampling methodology. In such situations, there is a risk of contradictory(More)