Mohammad Reza Hajimirzaei

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The presence of white spots in the kidneys of cattle at slaughter (so-called white-spotted kidneys) can be an indication of infection with Leptospira, a spirochaete of public health concern because it causes zoonotic disease. In this study, 24 kidneys of 180 slaughtered cows (13.3%) showed focal to multifocal white spots at inspection. These kidneys,(More)
Developmental anomalies in domestic fowl are rare, and few reports are present in veterinary literature. This study describes polypodia and lower intestinal duplication in a commercial broiler chicken. Apparently, the chicken had a short extra leg with two digits. In necropsy, below the Meckle’s diverticulum, the ileum was divided to the normal and abnormal(More)
TTV is an unenveloped circular single-stranded DNA virus with a diameter of 30-32 nm that first was described in 1997 in Japan. TTV was detected in various populations without proven pathology, including blood donors and in patients with chronic HBV and HCV hepatitis. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of TTV DNA in Iranian patients with(More)
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