Mohammad Reza Ghasemi

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The present work introduces a new metaheuristic optimization method based on the ideal gas molecular movement (IGMM) to solve mathematical and engineering optimization problems. Ideal gas molecules scatter throughout the confined environment quickly. This is embedded in the high speed of molecules, collisions between them and with the surrounding barriers.(More)
We present an efficient approach for solving nonlinear fractional differential equations. The convergence analysis of the approach is studied. To demonstrate the working of the presented approach, we consider three special cases of nonlinear fractional differential equations. The results of theses examples and comparison with different methods provide(More)
Two different approaches based on cubic B-spline are developed to approximate the solution of problems in calculus of variations. Both direct and indirect methods will be described. It is known that, when using cubic spline for interpolating a function g∈C 4[a,b] on a uniform partition with the step size h, the optimal order of convergence derived is O(h(More)
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