Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan

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Time equations are derived for felling with chainsaw, skidding with cable wheeled skidder, loading with grapple hydraulic loader and trucking of logs within a cut-to-length harvesting method. The continuous time study method was applied to collect data for felling, skidding, loading and a transportation model. Multiple regression analysis via SPSS software(More)
Nacrtak Roadside chipping is a common harvesting system to produce chips in Australian plantations. This study investigated the productivity and cost of road-side chipping operation (chipping logs extracted by forwarder to the road side) using a Morbark chipper with flail delimber in a first thinning of Pinus radiata stands. An elemental time study method(More)
Nacrtak Roadside chipping is a common harvesting system in Australian plantations, which utilizes a mobile chipper stationed at the field edge to produce high-quality pulp chips for export. The studied harvesting system included a feller-buncher, two grapple skidders, a flail-debarker and a disc chipper. The study goals were to determine machine(More)
Nacrtak Animal logging is one of the traditional logging systems in Iran, as in many other areas of the world. In this study, after determination of the work elements, a continuous time study method was used to develop hauling time prediction models for wood hauling by mule for firewood hauling with standard saddles, firewood hauling with special equipment,(More)
Mallee plantations have been integrated into wheat farms in Western Australia as a large-scale and multi-purpose woody crop since the 1990s. Mallee describes the growing habit of certain eucalypt species that grow with multiple stems shooting from an underground crown root (lignotuber), usually to a height of up to 10 meters. These types of plantations(More)
There is little knowledge available regarding Australian forestry work safety and accident rates. Machine operators and forestry workers are vital parts of the forestry sector and their health and well-being can greatly impact on their work quality and efficiency. To increase our knowledge of forest workers’ safety this project aimed to analyse the(More)
The Australian forestry industry has historically constrained the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to the office environment. This negates opportunities which exist when ICT are deployed along the supply chain to provide feedback to the strategic layers for optimisations that improve efficiencies and reduce costs. The wood supply chain(More)
Cable yarding systems are widely used in mountainous forests of Austria. The goal of this paper is to determine optimal road spacing (ORS) of yarding operations by tower yarder in Styria to help logging planners minimize logging costs. A total of 591 working cycles were used to develop the multiple regression model using stepwise method to predict yarding(More)
A project was carried out to investigate the impact of four different weighing methods on over/ under loading of forestry trucks operating in Forestry Corporation of New South Wales under two types of roads; gazetted (approved for higher legal gross vehicle weight limits) and nongazetted (standard public road gross vehicle weight limits). For all the(More)
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