Mohammad Reza Farmani

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— In this work, multi-objective optimization for design of a benchmark cogeneration system known as CGAM cogeneration system is performed. In optimization approach, the exergetic and economic aspects are considered, simultaneously. The thermoeconomic objective is minimized while the exergetic objective is maximized. A Multi-Objective Particle Swarm(More)
In this paper we show that the essentiality of the socle of an ideal B of the algebra A implies that any invertibility preserving linear map A A → Φ : is a Jordan homomorphism. Specially if A is a preliminary algebra then any such Φ is an algebric homomorphism. 1. Introduction Linear invertibility preserving maps of algebra were noteworthy from years ago,(More)
Clustering is a significant data mining task which partitions datasets based on similarities among data. In this study, partitional clustering is considered as an optimization problem and an improved ant-based algorithm, named Opposition-Based API (after the name of Pachycondyla APIcalis ants), is applied to automatic grouping of large unlabeled datasets.(More)
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