Mohammad Reza Chaichi

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The effect of seed inoculation by phosphate solubilizing microorganisms and different levels of phosphorus chemical fertilizer on yield and yield components of barley (Karoon x Kavir cultivar) was studied in Experimental Farm of College of Agronomy and Animal Sciences, University of Tehran during 2006-2007 growing seasons. The experimental treatments were(More)
The effect of seed inoculation by phosphate solubilizing microorganisms on growth, yield and nutrient uptake of maize (Zea mays L. SC. 704) was studied in a field experiment. Positive effect on plant growth, nutrient uptake, grain yield and yield components in maize plants was recorded in the treatment receiving mixed inoculum of Glomus intraradices (AM)(More)
This study was conducted in order to study the effect of grazing on quality and quantity of Artemisia sieberi essential oil in Kerman province of Iran. Vegetation sites of Artemisia sieberi under three grazing intensity (heavy, moderate and non-grazed) with the same ecological conditions were selected based on distance of water resource and nomad tent in(More)
According to the results obtained in this study, drought stress can enhance the accumulation of silymarin in milk thistle seeds. Moreover, under drought stress, the share of silybin increased which possess the greatest degree of biological activity among the silymarin components. Silymarin, an isomeric mixture of flavonolignans found in milk thistle(More)
Turnip has a high potential to produce abundant nutritious and valuable forage when availability of perennial warm and cool-season species is limited. Water deficit and fertility affect not only growth and yield of crops but also their quality and nutritional value. To evaluate the effect of different phosphorous fertilizers on forage yield and quality of(More)
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