Mohammad-Reza Alam

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(46 articles) wave motion (38 articles) nanotechnology (5 articles) energy Articles on similar topics can be found in the following collections Email alerting service here the box at the top right-hand corner of the article or click Receive free email alerts when new articles cite this article-sign up in It is known that muddy seafloors can extract(More)
Key Points: • There is a predictability time scale associated with rogue wave events • Larger rogue waves have a shorter horizon of predictability • Rogue waves are less predictable in rougher seas (due to nonlinearities) Abstract Prediction is a central goal and a yet-unresolved challenge in the investigation of oceanic rogue waves. Here we define a(More)
Wave generation due to the steady translational motion of an oscillatory disturbance in a two-layer density-stratified fluid is studied. In the context of linearized two-and three-dimensional potential flow, explicit expressions for the Green functions are derived and limiting cases discussed. Of special interest are the waves in the far field. The number(More)
We consider the indirect mechanism for dissipation of short surface waves through their near-resonant interactions with long sub-harmonic waves that are dissipated by the bottom. Using direct perturbation analysis and an energy argument, we obtain analytic predictions of the evolution of the amplitudes of two short primary waves and the long sub-harmonic(More)
We show that significant water wave amplification is obtained in a water resonator consisting of two spatially separated patches of small-amplitude sinusoidal corrugations on an otherwise flat seabed. The corrugations reflect the incident waves according to the so-called Bragg reflection mechanism, and the distance between the two sets controls whether the(More)
The fact that acoustic radiation from a violin at air-cavity resonance is monopolar and can be determined by pure volume change is used to help explain related aspects of violin design evolution. By determining the acoustic conductance of arbitrarily shaped sound holes, it is found that air flow at the perimeter rather than the broader sound-hole area(More)
— It has been reported worldwide that muddy seafloors can extract a significant fraction of the energy stored in overpassing ocean waves within several wavelengths. We consider a synthetic-seabed-carpet, supported by multiple springs and generators, that should extract wave energy the same way as muddy seafloor does. This paper presents the analytical(More)
Here we show that weakly nonlinear flexural-gravity wave packets, such as those propagating on the surface of ice-covered waters, admit three-dimensional fully localized solutions that travel with a constant speed without dispersion or dissipation. These solutions, that are formed at the intersection of line-soliton mean-flow tracks, have exponentially(More)