Mohammad Razani

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Magnetic particles are versatile imaging agents that have found wide spread applicability in diagnostic, therapeutic, and rheology applications. In this study, we demonstrate that mechanical waves generated by a localized inclusion of magnetic nanoparticles can be used for assessment of the tissue viscoelastic properties using magnetomotive optical(More)
In this work, we explored the potential of measuring shear wave propagation using optical coherence elastography (OCE) in an inhomogeneous phantom and carotid artery samples based on a swept-source optical coherence tomography (OCT) system. Shear waves were generated using a piezoelectric transducer transmitting sine-wave bursts of 400 μs duration, applying(More)
—Sun photometric measurements are an important method of measuring the column amount and optical properties of atmospheric aerosols and are frequently used to better understand the impact of aerosols on the Earth's radiative budget. This paper assesses two calibration techniques used for multifilter rotating shadowband radiometers (MFRSRs) and presents the(More)
— In this work, we examine the downstream impediments of centralized Ethernet passive optical networks supporting LAN emulation [inter-Optical Network Units communication(ONU)]. The available downstream bandwidth in the centralized scheme is reduced due to LAN emulation and upstream bandwidth allocation functions. The reduction in available downstream(More)
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