Mohammad Ravanbakhsh

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We study power requirements of network coding on a network with broadcast links, for a given multicast session. A common approach to network coding is to extract a subgraph from the network, to which network coding is applied. In order to facilitate network encoding, it is possible to impose the constraint that this subgraph is acyclic. However, in a(More)
Consider a lossy communication channel for unicast with zero-delay feedback. For this communication scenario, a simple retransmission scheme is optimum with respect to delay. An alternative approach is to use random linear coding in automatic repeat-request (ARQ) mode. We extend the work of Shrader and Ephremides in [1], by deriving an expression for the(More)
The search for optimal multicast subgraphs for network coding is considered. We assume unit link capacities and binary flow rates. In the first version of the problem, there is no constrained on the acyclicity of the subgraphs, whereas such constraints are imposed in the second version. These problems are known to be NP-hard. We provide heuristics to deal(More)
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