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Prevalence of bacterial and antibiotic sensitivity in septicemia of neonates admitted to Kermanshah Imam Reza Hospital (2007-2008)
Background: Neonatal septicemia is an important cause of morbidity and mortality. The most common pathogens of bacterial sepsis and antibiotic sensitivity patterns may vary in different areas of theExpand
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Contrast Agents and Observing Patient Safety Programs in Radiology Departments in Kermanshah Province Hospitals in West of Iran
Introduction: Contrast agents play an important role in increasing the efficiency of diagnostic imaging techniques in the evaluation of vascular lesions, infections and tumors. Annually more than 70Expand
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Introduction Echo-planar imaging (EPI) is a group of fast data acquisition methods commonly used in fMRI studies. It acquires multiple image lines in k-space after a single excitation, which leads toExpand
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The Effect of Panoramic Radiography on the Diagnosis of Lesions in Dentistry and Its Effect on Cumulative Dose
Introduction: One of the most commonly used radiography methods for the diagnosis of oral and dental diseases is the panoramic radiography technique. This technique is widely used due to ease ofExpand
Antibiotic susceptibility patterns and ESBL of Escherichia coli isolated from hospitalized patients in Kermanshah, western Iran
ABSTRACT Background and Objective : Production of Extended-spectrum s-lactamases (ESBLs) is major cause of resistance to β-lactam antibiotics in Escherichia coli ( E. coli ).In this study theExpand
سيستم کنترل و پايش دستگاههای پرتو نگاری با کنترل از راه دور
روزانه در جهان بيش از 10 ميليون آزمون پرتونگاري صورت می‌گیرد (1). تنها در امريكا سالانه بيش از 15 ميليون آزمون پرتونگاري پرتابل انجام مي‌شود (2). رشد به‌كارگيري آزمون‌هاي پرتونگاری، افزايش پرتوگيريExpand
Evaluation of the Observance of Radiation Protection Principles in Dentistry Centers in Kermanshah province (West Iran)
Introduction: Radiography plays an important role in the diagnosis of oral and dental disease and one of the most common diagnostic procedures in dentistry. Recent reports have raised concern aboutExpand
The Hidden Curriculum Challenges in Learning Professional Ethics Among Iranian Medical Students: A Qualitative Study
Background Medical ethics is a vital quality for the doctors which has been seriously taken into consideration in recent years. Identifying the factors affecting medical ethics may help to developExpand