Mohammad Rahman

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One facet of group decision making that has escaped close scrutinization is the effect of individual biases and group biases on group work. In this paper we present a theoretical framework for using data mining based group memory to overcome the biases in group decision making situations. By studying the patterns extracted from the group memory data, the(More)
We introduce the concept of utilizing two cell libraries, one for synthesis and another for physical design. The physical library consists of only 9 functions, each with several drive and beta ratio options, for a total cell count of 186. We show that synthesis performs better with the inclusion of more complex cells (but only if they are power efficient),(More)
Proteins are biological polymers of amino acid residues. Proteins perform various functions within living organisms. Multiple proteins carry out these tasks by forming functional modules. Each functional module possesses community structure. For identifying functional modules, a lot of community detection or clustering algorithms were designed , but most of(More)