Mohammad Rahimi

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Medicinal plants are the most important source of life saving drugs for the majority of the world`s population. Plant secondary metabolites are the economically important as drug, fragrances, pigments, food additives and pesticides. The biotechnological tools are important to select, multiply, improve and analyze medicinal plants. Plant cell culture systems(More)
In this study an effective nanocomposite antimicrobial agent for wool fabric was introduced. The silver loaded nano TiO(2) as a nanocomposite was prepared through UV irradiation in an ultrasonic bath. The nanocomposite was stabilized on the wool fabric surface by using citric acid as a friendly cross-linking agent. The treated wool fabrics indicated an(More)
Colloidal nano silver was applied on the surface of cotton fabric and stabilized using 1,2,3,4-butanetetracarboxylic acid (BTCA). The two properties of antimicrobial activity and resistance against creasing were imparted to the samples of fabric as a result of the treatment with silver nano colloid and BTCA. The antimicrobial property of samples was(More)
This paper presents a new multi-objective mathematical model to address a Healthcare Inventory Routing Problem (HIRP) for medicinal drug distribution to healthcare facilities. The first part of objective function minimizes total inventory and transportation costs, while satisfaction is maximized by minimizing forecast error which caused by product shortage(More)
This paper presents an assisted recall system, Rewind, that employs automatic image capture on mobile phones and filtering of images for end-user viewing. The usability of image-based assisted recall systems is limited by the large number of images through which the user must navigate. Rewind is a scalable system of everyday mobile phones and supporting web(More)
Mistuning, imperfections in cyclical symmetry of bladed disks is an inevitable and perilous occurrence due to many factors ncluding manufacturing tolerances and in-service wear and tear. It can cause some unpredictable phenomena such as mode splitting, ode localization and dramatic difference in forced vibration response. In this paper first, a method is(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the significance of multiple-mutations in the katG gene, predominant nucleotide changes and its correlation with high level of resistance to isoniazid in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates that were randomly collected from sputa of 42 patients with primary and secondary active pulmonary tuberculosis from different(More)
Introduction A large number of congenitally deaf babies are annually born. If untreated, this deafness will have destructive effects on their language and speech development, educational achievements and future employment. The most effective communication system for children with impaired hearing loss is controversial. Some children learn a sign language,(More)
This paper, proposes the use of a reinforcement learning approach for a target tracking sensor network application. Harsh and unpredictable situations of sensor nodes in such an application requires a self-tuning mechanism for the nodes to adapt their behavior over time. The method is examined under high dynamic network conditions and compared with a(More)