Mohammad Rahimi

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This paper presents an assisted recall system, Rewind, that employs automatic image capture on mobile phones and filtering of images for end-user viewing. The usability of image-based assisted recall systems is limited by the large number of images through which the user must navigate. Rewind is a scalable system of everyday mobile phones and supporting web(More)
This paper, proposes the use of a reinforcement learning approach for a target tracking sensor network application. Harsh and unpredictable situations of sensor nodes in such an application requires a self-tuning mechanism for the nodes to adapt their behavior over time. The method is examined under high dynamic network conditions and compared with a(More)
BACKGROUND Retroviruses of human T-lymphotropic viruses (HTLV-1 and HTLV-2) have been demonstrated to be endemic in the north-eastern region of Iran. This study was aimed to determine the HTLV-1 and HTLV-2 prevalence among healthy individuals in Neyshabur City during 2010-2014. METHODS A total of 8054 blood samples were collected from healthy participants(More)
Inventory Routing Problem (IRP) for perishable products is one of the complex subjects in IRPs. Moreover, considering other criteria and constraints, such as respecting time window, managing the amount of expired products, fuel consumption and environment and social criteria bring this problem more complex. This paper presents a new model considering(More)
The present study aims to trace the long term effects of different types of feedback-direct, indirect, and content-on EFL learners' writing accuracy (the major concern of SLA researchers) and overall writing quality (the primary aim of L2 writing researchers). Data was gathered from three groups of Iranian EFL learners (N=44) randomly assigned to an(More)
In this paper, we study a joint inventory and routing problem (IRP) for the food supply chain and we investigate the impact of customer satisfaction level under the optimization of the total expected cost. We propose a new bi-objective mathematical model by taking into account multi capacitated vehicles for perishable products from one supplier to many(More)
Automatic license plate recognition (LPR) plays an important role in numerous applications and a number of techniques have been proposed. However, most of them worked under restricted conditions, such as fixed illumination, limited vehicle movement and stationary this paper we present a new method to recognize the position and the characters(More)
The goal of this study is to investigate the effect of trade liberalization on economic growth in Iranian economy using a Cobb–Douglas production function, which is expanded to take into account political instability and trade liberalization. The empirical results show that in the long run the real export and import duty have positive effect on GDP, while(More)