Mohammad Rafiqul Haque

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TiO<sub>2</sub> nanotube arrays have an important role on the application of solar cells, air purification, dust water cleaning and hydrogen fuel generation. Highly aligned titanium oxide (TiO<sub>2</sub>) nanotube (NT) arrays have been grown on titanium sheet by using a self organized anodic oxidation method at different potentials (32 to 52V) in a(More)
Wakes behind blunt bodies, such as a cylinder or square, are classical problems in fluid mechanics (e.g., Oertel 1990; Williamson 1996). The wake structures past the pillars of a bridge, or the wake behind a propelling ship are some real life examples. In this study, numerical simulations and flow visualizations have been performed to elucidate vortex(More)
Nanostructured ZnO thin films have been deposited on ZnO seed layer by the uncovered hydrothermal method at low temperature of 85&#x00B0;C. The ZnO seed layer has prepared on SnO<sub>2</sub>:F glass substrate by using spray pyrolysis method with constant substrate temperature of 400&#x00B0;C. The films are characterized with various deposition times.(More)
An investigation was conducted to evaluate the water quality of some ground for irrigation, drinking and livestock consumption. Fifteen samples were collected from Babugonj upazila of Barisal district in Bangladesh. The chemical constituents of water samples were determined to find out their suitability for irrigation, drinking and Livestock consumption. As(More)
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