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— This paper uses household and village-level survey data to investigate the food security of male-and female-headed households in Bangladesh with particular attention to indigenous ethnic groups, and finds no significant differences in the food security between these two types of households. The absence of social and cultural restrictions among the(More)
Software reliability growth models were used since long time to access the quality of the software which was developed. Past few decades several papers describes reliability growth phenomenon. As the time progress, the number of errors detection and correction also increases. A Large effort is required in testing to increases the rate of detection and(More)
Medio Dorsal Thalamic nucleus (MDT), popularly known as `Olfactory thalamus', is being studied extensively for its role in olfactory perception. Prefrontal cortex is the prominent cortical structure to which the MDT is connected. Measuring stress, attention and drowsiness levels and developing proper courses of action to improve the performance and(More)
An important issue in image filtering is dealing with situations when the filter window partly covers the image near its borders, because the filter window needs to be completely filled to yield a valid result. It can result in erroneous result, if not taken into consideration. It is likely to consume more resources with border handled filtering conditions.(More)
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