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— This paper uses household and village-level survey data to investigate the food security of male-and female-headed households in Bangladesh with particular attention to indigenous ethnic groups, and finds no significant differences in the food security between these two types of households. The absence of social and cultural restrictions among the(More)
Therapeutics based on transcription factors have the potential to revolutionize medicine but have had limited clinical success as a consequence of delivery problems. The delivery of transcription factors is challenging because it requires the development of a delivery vehicle that can complex transcription factors, target cells and stimulate endosomal(More)
Software reliability growth models were used since long time to access the quality of the software which was developed. Past few decades several papers describes reliability growth phenomenon. As the time progress, the number of errors detection and correction also increases. A Large effort is required in testing to increases the rate of detection and(More)
Acidosis causes millions of deaths each year and strategies for normalizing the blood pH in acidosis patients are greatly needed. The lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) pathway has great potential for treating acidosis due to its ability to convert protons and pyruvate into lactate and thereby raise blood pH, but has been challenging to develop into a therapy(More)
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