Mohammad Rafi Kharazmi

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Eye movements of 29 chronic schizophrenic patients and 23 normal control subjects were measured by an eye mark recorder during viewing of stationary geometric figures. The results suggested that the eye movements of schizophrenic patients were more limited than those of normal control subjects and that the abnormal eye movement inspection patterns in(More)
Wireless sensor network comprises of small sensor nodes with limited resources. Clustered networks have been proposed in many researches to reduce the power consumption in sensor networks. LEACH is one of the most interested techniques that offer an efficient way to minimize the power consumption in sensor networks. However, due to the characteristics of(More)
Trauma to the oral structures sometimes occurs as a complication to general anaesthesia. We here report two cases of an unusual type, mandibular osteone-crosis. To our knowledge, there has been only one previous publication of this condition (1). The first case was a 69-year-old man who underwent oral examination 3 months prior to planned cardiac surgery.(More)
Dear Editor, It is well known that osteoporotic fractures (OF) of the hip are associated with increased mortality, in particular immediately after the fracture (1). Although several theories have been proposed, the cause of the increase is not fully understood. In the past few years there have been an increasing number of reports of femoral fractures(More)
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