Mohammad Rabbath

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Photos are a special way to tell stories of our best memories and moments. The representation of those photos in appealing physical photo books is highly appreciated by many people. Today, many photos are shared via social networking sites, where people upload their photos and share their stories with their friends. The members of social networks comment on(More)
Facebook witnesses an explosion of the number of shared photos: With 100 million photo uploads a day it creates as much as a whole Flickr each two months in terms of volume. Facebook has also one of the healthiest platforms to support third party applications, many of which deal with photos and related events. While it is essential for many Facebook(More)
Photos are a common way of preserving our personal memories. The visual souvenir of a personal event is often composed into a photo collage or the pages of a photo album. Today we find many tools to help users creating such compositions by different tools for authoring photo compositions. Some template-based approaches generate nice presentations, however,(More)
For many people web blogs are the preferred means to document important moments of their lifes, e.g. a holiday trip or the year abroad. Such blogs contain photos and textual descriptions of events in a well-structured form. However, while being a perfect means to share such important moments with friends and family, blogs remain digital and thus do not(More)
With the large amount of photos and other media items that are added daily to social media sites, it has become very hard for the user to identify the photos of a specific event, especially as it can be spread over a lot of users and albums. Additionally, people may have different definitions of what they see as an event, and in many cases this definition(More)
Images and videos are easy to create by inexperienced users with intuitive devices like smartphones. We propose a system which enables users to extract panoramas from videos for the creation of collages which can be printed. Single frames used for panoramas are indexed on the basis of SURF features. As a result users can make a photo with the smartphone(More)
Social networks such as Facebook witness an explosively growing number of shared photos. People enjoy taking photos of each other in public and private events, upload them, tag each other and continue commenting on each other's photos. These photos are considered to be great assets for many users who would like to create photo books from them, so that they(More)
Users nowadays increasingly use their smart phones to take photos and videos. Many of the users would like to create multimedia products such as physical photo books out of their photos or videos on the phone, however the screen of the phone is small for complicated editing and publishing process. In this demo paper we introduce an application that allows(More)
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