Mohammad R. M. Abu-Zahra

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A waste slip-stream is generated from the reclaiming process of monoethanolamine (MEA) based Post-Combustion Capture (PCC). It mainly consists of MEA itself, ammonium, heat-stable salts (HSS), carbamate polymers, and water. In this study, the waste quantity and nature are characterized for Fluor's Econamine FGSM coal-fired CO2 capture base case. Waste(More)
In this article, pilot plant data for CO2 post-combustion capture are discussed and compared with modelling results. The objectives of this paper are to evaluate the overall performance of the CO2 capture pilot plant using both experimental and simulation results. In addition, this work is aiming to assess the performance of two different modelling(More)
One of the most promising approaches to tackle the high emission rate of carbon dioxide is the use of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology. This technology aims at capturing carbon dioxide from power stations and other industrial facilities, compressing, and then transporting it to underground storage locations. Three technological routes for carbon(More)
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