Mohammad R. Gholamian

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Data mining (DM) methodology has a tremendous contribution for researchers to extract the hidden knowledge and information which have been inherited in the data used by researchers. This study has proposed a new procedure, based on expanded RFM model by including one additional parameter, joining WRFM-based method to K-means algorithm applied in DM with(More)
Using the concept of business models can help companies understand, communicate, share, change, measure, simulate and learn more about the different aspects of e-Business in their firms. Better understanding of e-Business models helps managers and related staff to better apply the business models. The main objective of this paper is to use Causal Loop(More)
Social network based-recommendation has some benefits that it approach used for improve of recommendation systems. Recommendation systems are appropriate tools for provide useful and suitable recommendations in social networks. Nowadays web users are not only consumers of information, but they actively participate in social networks. We checked dimensions(More)
The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is a decision analysis technique used to evaluate complex multi-criteria alternatives. In this paper, the fuzzy rule based system (FARSJUM) is introduced for especially sparse hierarchical problems to make decisions similar to AHP. The system is previously developed by the authors in sparse judgment matrices and in this(More)
By the expanse of internet stores and products, recommender systems have emerged to increase store attractiveness and develop online customers. Recommender systems are systems which help customers to find product that they want. These systems recommend product to individual customer according to their preferences and interests. Recommender systems use(More)
This paper tries to stimulate empirical research into the overall impacts of intelligent systems in manufacturing aspects. To reach this goal, a schema of intelligent applications is provided for each aspect as frame base structure, meaning the knowledge of intelligent applications in that specific aspect. Then, a semantic network is developed for(More)