Mohammad Osman Tokhi

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BACKGROUND Intravenous iloprost, titrated from 0.5 up to 2.0 ng/kg/min has been shown in patients with PAOD III/IV to significantly improve healing of trophic lesions, relief of rest pain, and reduce the rate of major amputation or death at 6 months as compared to placebo. The effect is considered related to improvement of the microcirculation. The aim of(More)
Aurélien Ibanez, Philippe Bidaud, Vincent Padois. PREVIEWED IMPEDANCE ADAPTATION TO COORDINATE UPPER-LIMB TRAJECTORY TRACKING AND POSTURAL BALANCE IN DISTURBED CONDITIONS. Kenneth J Waldron, Mohammad O Tokhi, Gurvinder S Virk. Nature-Inspired Mobile Robotics – Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support(More)
This paper presents studies in the design and control of single leg exoskeleton for hemiplegia mobility in simulation environment. The exoskeleton is designed to support the affected side of the hemiplegia patient while the other leg functions normally. Hip, knee and ankle joints for both humanoid leg and exoskeleton of the affected side are controlled(More)
OBJECTIVE Stiffness and viscosity represent passive resistances to joint motion related with the structural properties of the joint tissue and of the musculotendinous complex. Both parameters can be affected in patients with spinal cord injury (SCI). The purpose of this study was to measure passive knee stiffness and viscosity in patients with SCI with(More)
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