Mohammad Nazmul Alam Khan

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Extending previous research on the problem, we studied the effects of concreteness and relatedness of adjective-noun pairs on free recall, cued recall, and memory integration. Two experiments varied the attributes in paired associates lists or sentences. Consistent with predictions from dual coding theory and prior results with noun-noun pairs, both(More)
Domain adaptation (DA) algorithms address the problem of distribution shift between training and testing data. Recent approaches transform data into a shared subspace by minimizing the shift between their marginal distributions. We propose a method to learn a common subspace that will leverage the class conditional distributions of training samples along(More)
We study automatic target recognition (ATR) in infrared (IR) imagery by applying two recent computer vision techniques , Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) and Bag-of-Words (BoW). We propose the idea of dense HOG features which are extracted from a set of high-overlapped local patches in a small IR chip and we apply a vocabulary tree that is learned from(More)
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