Mohammad Nahangi

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Building Information Models (BIMs) are becoming the official standard in the construction industry for encoding, reusing, and exchanging information about structural assets. Automatically generating such representations for existing assets stirs up the interest of various industrial, academic, and governmental parties, as it is expected to have a high(More)
In pipe spool assemblies used in construction, pre-fabrication errors inevitably occur due to the complexity of the tasks involved in the pipe spool fabrication process, the inaccuracy of the tools employed for performing these tasks, human error, and inadequate inspection and monitoring during the process. Permanent deflections may also occur during(More)
Aligning and plumbing of construction assemblies is a fundamental problem because of reliance on manual solutions for geometric feedback control problem involved with practices such as pipefitting and steel structures erection. Where defective components and segments are not well controlled, the errors propagate in larger components and therefore cause more(More)
One of the most prohibiting factors when attempting to reuse structural steel members or systems of members is the time and labour required to accurately determine dimensions. Current practices dictate that all required measurements are recorded by hand using tape measures and calipers which adds a significant cost to reused steel. To mitigate this cost, a(More)
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