Mohammad Naghibi

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In this paper, we tackle the problem of measuring similarity among graphs that represent real objects with noisy data. To account for noise, we relax the definition of similarity using the maximum weighted co-k-plex relaxation method, which allows dissimilarities among graphs up to a predetermined level. We then formulate the problem as a novel quadratic(More)
—Recently beamforming WiFi access points (APs) have been commercially available from multiple vendors. The promise of beamforming APs is the enhanced range and data transmission rate, albeit at a premium price for the AP which can be an order of magnitude more expensive than regular omnidirectional APs. In this work, through live measurements, we study the(More)
—Talking about strategic change and managing this change will require us to pay attention to the place that why we need strategic change at first place? Is it because the company sense that they fell behind the competitors or felt of new and more innovative products force them to make the change? Who will sense this need and who will manage and implement(More)
Dimension reduction techniques for text documents can be used for in the preprocessing phrase of blog mining, but these techniques can be more effective if they deal with the nature of the blogs properly. In this paper we propose a novel algorithm called PostRank using shallow approach to identify theme of the blog or blog representative words in order to(More)
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